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Are you frustrating your customers – perhaps even losing business – as a result of making them wade through scores of IVR options? Of enduring decade-long hold times? Of being asked umpteen different times for the same account number? Find out how to ditch these frustrations – and hundreds more like them – and you’ll amaze your customers. Plus, if you’re a customer, find out what you can do to get frustration-free service.

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Ditch the Frustration!

We're collecting valuable resources for giving and getting amazing customer service from industry experts. These white papers, briefs, videos, blogs and other materials are now available to you in one convenient location.



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Fellow employees are your customer too. Your service to them must be as flawless, friendly and fast as the service offered to external customers. This sets the tone for the entire organization.
-Michelle, Client Services Mananger

Your desire to be helpful is perceived immediately. Since most service incidents carry a specific or implied request for help, it's essential that your initial response communicates helpfulness and enthusiasm-whether over the phone or in person.
-Kate, Customer Care Specialist



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